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discover the true nature of the case If a correct diagnosis had been

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organic. Extrinsic spasm is commonly differentiated

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tobacco to excess smoking a great many cigarettes every day. Three

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poisonous as we learn from King. All narcotics are danger

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there is a tendency towards an increase in phthalein excretion by

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or bovine. The metabolic products of the bacilli diffuse

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the main reason for this difference. We make people capable of feeling pain

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volatile that it immediately vaporises with a slight

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dependent almost entirely on mechanical and technical skill yet there has

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indicates that large amounts are needed at this period of life

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ject of urethral caruncle because it seems to me that the

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esthesia an incision was made S i inches in length directly

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discussion of the subject Caesarean section vs. crani

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profited by investigation perhaps more largely and has thus made more sub

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the fifth cranial nerve which was some years ago under my care

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Objectives To study the characteristics of the inactivation

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chUd s head and body downwards or by fastening them to a

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ed and washed with the disinfectant fluid ordered for

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abundant migration of leucocytes into the area the dead tissues by their

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States Public Health Service was important to the movement

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angles and there should be no slack in order to insure against

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but the question which has to be decided is whether it is

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sels and nerves and located in the centre of the tooth.

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specific gravity is raised and its reaction is acid. A transitory peptonuria

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influence of iodide of potassium. The form of syphilis so closely

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expectoration tartar emetic kermes mineral ipecacuanha and sal ammo

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methods remains undemonstrated. Many of us will admit that we have

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In senile dementia the incidents of early childhood and

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The taste of the water should be refreshing every trace

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plaining of a swelling of the right knee which he had had for

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we have no specific drugs and in using drug therapy must treat