to the patients, who would not be very likely to inflict pain
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majority of cases the lesion is a spot of old softening in the cortex, the
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ture d iode centre les fievres intermittentes i ebelles. J. d.
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pillary vessels of the locality with red corpuscles, and consequent in-
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uated virus, though acting as a vaccine against the coco-bacillus serum,
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advisable. A superficial line of wheals is established across
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fected area by means of a hypodermic syringe, the needle of which is in-
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ment that his surmises about a ' gaol' were unfounded," &c.
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of Surgeon A. C. H. Russell in the department of military
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a thickness of 4 to 7 mm. In nearly all of these the main increase was
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Fifth Biennial Report of the Board of Trustees of the Illinois State Hospital for the Insane, for
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disjointed years the figures for consumption, but not for
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and instructing in the use of the hypodermic syringe, have been mainly
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to the hospital 5 ounces of pus was removed by aspiration.
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to the authorities given at the end of this chapter, which will repay
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of atheroma; cystic disease of a finger.] Protok. i triidi
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(male 9 to 12 mm. in length by 0*5 mm. in breadth; female
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The above is the title of a small volume just published by Carter & Hen-
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stable ; got a board and had his name, "Dr. William Riley — His office is
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course just described, which only occupied thirty-six
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gives rise to morbid states of the nervous system. Nearly all of
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matism ; in this condition he is exposed to atmospherical vicissitude«, and
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shall merely quote the observation of a learned Judge at the York
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Medical Cflicers of Health : Puhlic Health, December, 18ii2.
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Mules and donkeys may, perhaps, give quicker results, but horses
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ventricle near the apex. They are of firm consistence, and are ti^itly adherent
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That may be due to the growth of the unions, as they themselves
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one does not pretend to be other than an advance-agent.
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phine when inoculated under the skin, and the subsequent im-
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of rickets since 5 years of age, and whose bones were then quite
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It soon diminished again, however, and was, at the date
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The specific tubercles may occur either at the portal of entry or in the
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Comptonia Asplenifolia, (sweet* fern,) stalk and leaf; an«
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treated ; and thereafter to mention some of the therapeutic
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you. I really hadn’t thought about it. I didn’t mean to
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from home, fell ill with a very severe ease of typhoid fever, which he
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right apei there is now duln< [ration, and occasional crepitation ;it close