(102 mm) thick shall have a maximum flame spread index

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l>rain. 'I r. M. Soc. Calif., San Fran., 1893, xxiii, 120-124.—

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ficiel. Ann. d'hyg.. Par., 1888, 3. s., xx, 481-510.— Jurgen-i^

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By Beaman Douglass, M.D., Professor of Diseases of the Nose

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169-203. ^i,^ [Abstr. J : Wien. med. BL, 1890, xiii, 307-309.

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some cases of bronchitis. Dublin J. M. Sc., 1884, 3. s.,

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Repr. from : Ann. Gyneec. & Piediat., Phila., 1890-91, iv.

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for the desolation of many a home and the ruin of many a girl.

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291. Also [Abstr.]: Gaz. m6(l. de Par., 1881, 0. .s., iii, 3L'8.