Disco is not dead, but MJ is, sadly…

The penultimate update to Plant vs Zombies on iPhone was, strangely, numbered 0.0.1. And it should have been a warning that something was odd, indeed.

In fact, this update led to a game that crashed just after loading finished on my iPhone. Fortunately, they fixed this quite fast, with the release of a 1.3 version. Now, that’s quite a giant leap, in terms of software development, when you go from version 0.0.1 to 1.3 in just a few days, isn’t it?

Anyway, this is is solved . And they added a few more achievements. Why not. Quite lame, compared to what everybody wants: the Zen Garden. But why not.

And a ridiculous French translation. Could have been avoided. Should have been avoided, in fact. But whatever, my iPhone runs in English anyway, so I don’t have to suffer this, at least.

But what is a very bad move is the withdrawal of the the Michael Jackson looking Dancing Zombie. This was the most cute and fun zombie of all. My favorite. And my family’s favorite, too.

It was a nice homage to Michael Jackson and I’m sure he would have loved it and laughed his ass off, while playing with it, if he had known.

And some tight asses, with nothing better to do, found it worthwhile to “object” this. And some even tighter asses at PopCap decided, among other bad decisions, to replace the much beloved “MJ Zombie” with a lame “Disco Stu Zombie”…

And there are some other little troubles, like the description text that is clear and readable on the previous version (upper screenshot, with MJ Zombie) and blurry and ugly (lower screenshot, with lame replacement Disco Zombie)… And it’s even more obvious if you see the images at full size. I’ve reduced them to better fit, here.

Dancing Zombie

Dacning Zombie usurpator

My best advice?

Do like my wife and kids: do NOT update PvZ and keep MJ alive. In fact, I will downgrade my iPhone to the previous version. Not the 0.0.1, no. The previous one. The working and cool one.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Disco. But not at the expense of Michael Jackson. I’m angry at the morons who thought they had to kill him a second time.