mai 2010

Quand les zombies se soulèveront…

Discussion au self…

Les collègues féminines : “Comment tu laves tes baies vitrées ? Vaporetto, raclette à vapeur ?”
Moi : “J’ai pas vraiment de grandes surfaces vitrées.”
Les collègues horrifiées : “Ah bon ? Pourquoi ?”
Moi : “Parce que quand les zombies se soulèveront, ce sera plus facile de défendre la maison.”

… Là, j'ai vu l’inquiétude dans leurs yeux…

Numéri quoi ?

Je ne comprends pas comment, dans un quartier qui n’est pas câblé et ne le sera probablement jamais, pour des raisons obscures et douteuses, il est possible de trouver un réseau “NUMERICABLE-…”

Pasted GraphicPasted Graphic 1

Et je me demande aussi quand cette invasion des réseaux va cesser. C’est incroyable. Et encore, la liste que m’affiche le Mac est parfois plus longue que celle-ci. Étonnant que ça fonctionne encore. Bon, à la maison, nous sommes en Ethernet, mais il faut bien un réseau Wi-Fi pour les iPhone, iPod Touch, Wii…

Et enfin, comment peut-il y avoir une telle profusion de livebox et autres wanadoo ? C’est hallucinant que ce fournisseur, plus cher et plus mauvais que tous les autres réunis, ait un tel succès. Encore une preuve que ce n’est pas grave de vendre de la merde, du moment qu’on a beaucoup de vendeurs. Ah, les commerciaux, encore un de mes sujets de désespoir.


Oh well, who am I to say I’m a better artist than David Hockney?

Back to the future: David Hockney believes the iPad will help restore the supremacy of the hand in drawing
Back to the future: David Hockney believes the iPad will help restore the supremacy of the hand in drawing

Ok, I give up, I might need an iPad, after all…

Master: David Hockney hailed the iPad which allows users to playback what they have drawn
David Hockney swaps a sketch pad for an iPad

Geordie Greig

David Hockney has swapped his sketch pad for an iPad. From the upstairs bedroom at his Yorkshire home in the seaside town of Bridlington, he sits using his fingers to create digi-art which he sends out as emails.

His latest pictures, which he has “painted” directly onto the iPad screen, put him ahead of the hi-tech curve as he is using the Apple device even before it is available in Britain.

The iPad is the newest example of Hockney's experimental streak; cameras, faxes, printers, mirrors, oil, watercolour and pencil have all been used. And in the last year he has created many paintings on his iPhone.

He sees the latest hi-tech gadgetry as a way for traditional drawing, using the hand, to make a comeback. On one email/drawing he created this week he writes: “It is thought that new technology is taking away the hand (I'm not so sure). If you look around a lot is opening up.

He told the Standard: “The iPad is far more subtle, in fact it really is like a drawing pad. They will sell by the million. It will change the way we look at everything from reading newspapers to the drawing pad.

It can be anything you want it to be. This is the nearest we have got to seeing what I would call a universal machine.

What makes the iPad better than the iPhone is its larger size. The iPhone was more about the relationship between the hand and the ear whereas this is all about the hand and the eye and makes for far better co-ordination.

Hockney has also been using his iPad to watch films including one he made himself, using nine cameras. “It was about the nature we see, the trees and about looking up. Using nine cameras means you have a fluid lens as flexible as the human eye.

What is also unique is that with the iPad you can actually watch a playback of your drawing. I have never watched myself actually drawing before.

Hockney has been disheartened by the general election and says he chooses to look up at the world rather than down at the grubby power-grab going on.

People in power appear to be fixing the elections. It is an unfair system. I am very happy to be here in Yorkshire looking up at nature.

He welcomes the departure of Gordon Brown and also hopes that the anti-smoking lobby will be less potent. “These suburban hypocrites who say that smoking should be banned know nothing of any civil liberty; they are neither civil or understand liberty.

They go round saying that curtains smell and so want to ban cigarettes. I have to tell you I don't know people who go round sniffing curtains and I don't want to.

Fresh air

Je viens de passer deux jours à respirer le même air que Stéphanie, Coco, Jessy, Alana, Taylor, Bethany, Nikita, Sally et Paige.

Elles sont toutes humbles, adorables, douées, courageuses, accessibles.

Et j'ai d'autant plus de dégoût pour tous ces gens médiocres mais pourtant suffisants et imbus de leur piètre personne que je croise tous les jours.

Ryker out.

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