mars 2009

8$ = 0,17€

Either the dollar fell down the drain and I was not aware. Or Yahoo! Finance is really fucked up… or is it only the rates they provide to the widget? Except I don’t want to go to their page, which is boring and scarry, to find the exchange rates and I want to be able to use the handy widget.

It’s not the first time, this happens quite often.

Anyway, if this exchange rate is accurate, let me tell you that I will order loads of stuff on the web!

Convert Currency US$ to € fucked up rate
Currency exchange provided by Yahoo! Finance Terms of Service Widget

Ou bien le dollar s’est écroulé et je n’étais pas au courant. Ou bien Yahoo! Finance déconne grave… ou bien est-ce seulement les taux fournis au widget ? Sauf que je ne veux pas aller sur leur page, qui est chiante et effrayante juste pour convertir des devises et que je veux pouvoir utiliser le widget.

Ce n’est pas la première fois, cela arrive souvent.

Mais si ce taux de change est le bon, laissez-moi vous dire que je vais commander des tonnes de truc sur le web!

You filthy p'tahk!

These p'tahk only build this keyboard for peecee machines…

Klingon Language Wired Standard Keyboard

I’ll rip their beating hearts from their chest with my bare hands!

Chasser ses amis, c'est amusant…

Si je me remets un jour (j’espère) à WoW, j’irai certainement à la chasse à M. Pince-Mi.


Car la collection de familiers est sans doute une des choses les plus sympas de ce jeu…

Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing spitting Wang Wang

In my humble opinion, these Flickr Pandas are fucking scary !

Flickr: Panda

And the fact they puke rainbows and spit… their own kind is even creepier!

None of you have any friends!

I don’t care what other people are doing every second of the day…

Don’t you twitterstand?

I feel less lonely, after seing this. In fact, I feel totally like the blue shirt guy and I really thought I was alone in this stupid world realizing how pathetic « tweetering » is.

Well, I feel like him, but I would never wear a short sleeves shirt with a tie. This is one of the worst clothing fuck up ever. Almost as bad as using twitter to tell the world how, where and when you take a shit (which is all twitter is used for, basically). Almost.