févr. 2010


Oh well, Aperture 3.0 release was quite hectic and generated a lot of hair pulling and swearing. And I was certainly not spared.

Among other problems, was the fact that Aperture 3’s memory usage was quite insane and he sometimes even claimed it needed insane storage space, for the sole purpose of Library upgrading.

For example, a user got this quite disturbing request, trying to upgrade a vault he just created:

"Not Enough Disk Space

The vault “ApertureVault” does not have enough space to hold your library.

17179869183.16 GB is needed, but only 68.86 GB is available."

The hilarious answer of a contributor made me laugh and certainly helped lighten the mood, in those days:

Hello Reebo:

I think this is just another example of excess complaining. Disk storage is cheap. I think you should just run out immediately and but a new 17179869184GB disk drive.

Just my 2 cents

Jeff Stulin

Fortunately, the 3.0.1 update solved most, if not all problems. And I’m now patiently waiting for the last faces to be detected, for the second time. And this time’s will be the good one.


You can now use iChat to interface with the Facebook chats, for those who have to rely on this crap to get and stay in touch with people. This is because Facebook now supports the Jabber protocol. It was about time. Will they finally grow up in other areas and disable the “gifts” things there and other useless things?

Anyway, the instructions on how to configure iChat (and other clients, but we don’t care) are here. The good thing on this link is they will give you your “Screen Name” if you’re already logged in, saving you some time.

Here they are if you’re too lazy and you know your screen name.

Go to the iChat menu and select Preferences… you can also press , (command and coma at the same time) as in almost every Mac application.


Click on the Accounts tab.


Then click the + at the bottom.


Select Jabber from the Account Type pull-down menu.

Pasted Graphic 1

Then enter the following info:

Account Name:

Click the arrow next to Server Options and enter the following info:
Port: 5222
(the box labeled "Use SSL"”should be unchecked)

It should look like this:

Pasted Graphic 2

Finally, click Done. And close the Preferences window.

If it’s not done automatically, or the next time you relaunch iChat, open this Facebook buddy list window in the Window menu of iChat and select the in the list.

Afterwards, you already know how to use iChat, it’s the same.

But you will only be able to use text chat. No audio, no video and no file transfer (that includes images embedded in the chat). Not as useful and polyvalent as the real iChat, using an AIM or or account, in other words. But I’m sure many people will be happy to be able to chat on Facebook without having to keep a browser window open.

Besides, it allows to use any Jabber compatible chat client, on any platform, even mobile.

And yes, I confess: I made this blog entry, speaking about a new feature of Facebook for the sole purpose of testing if it generates more hits on this blog. Not that I’m looking for big figures anyway, since it’s not a day job (not even moonlighting, only a pleasure) ; no, only because I’m curious. ;o)

Earth Hour 2010

N’oubliez pas !

27 mars 2010 • Earth Hour • 20h30 - 21h30

C’est le moment de rédécouvrir le feu de bois et la bougie. Et les étoiles au-dessus des villes, pour celles qui éteindront assez de leur pollution visuelle…

Au fait, les musiques utilisées sont :
Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Fix You by ColdPlay

Malgré ça ?

J’aime beaucoup l’humour d’Apple dans sa dernière campagne de publicité. Ils proposent un iPod gravé avec un message personnel, comme cadeau à l’occasion de la Saint Valentin.

Je t'aime malgré tes goûts musicaux.

« Je t'aime malgré tes goûts musicaux. » est tout de même excellent, vous ne trouvez pas ?

Mais ils ont aussi « N’oublie pas, ce qui est à toi est à moi. » dans leurs suggestions…