août 2010

Newton iPhone case

Newton iPhone case by charles_mangin, on Flickr

TPB AFK needs you!

TPB AFK animated GIF

Some people really deserve to be helped. And I’d really love to have $500 to give, for the pleasure and pride of having my name credited in the movie.

Here’s an excerpt of the presentation:

Two years in the making, TPB AFK is a documentary about three computer addicts who revolutionized the world of media distribution with their hobby homepage. How did Tiamo, a beer crazy hardware fanatic, Brokep a tree hugging eco activist and Anakata, a paranoid cyber libertarian, get the White House to threaten the Swedish government with trade sanctions? TPB AFK explores what Hollywood's most hated pirates go through on a personal level.

Trailer and more info here:

This campaign starts exactly one month before the Court of Appeal hearings start in The Pirate Bay trial in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2009 the founders of The Pirate Bay were convicted to 1 year in jail and to pay damages of around 4 million dollars for having 'assisted in making copyrighted content available'. The precedent in the Pirate Bay case will have consequences for the future of the internet. We will cover the upcoming trial closely.

After the court case we'll sit down with two years of footage and start editing a first roughcut. The money we raise here will go to studio rent and an editor.


Moi : « C’est quand même cruel, ce parchemin que vous m'avez fait signer, qui m'interdit d'acheter une guitare avant Halloween 2014 ! »
Garance : « Oui, mais c'est comme pour les chats : si tu les castres pas, ils se reproduisent sans arrêt et ils finissent par être des millions. »

Voilà, ça calme.

Nike- or Zune+ ?

Obviously, I’m not the only one who has issues with the otherwise genius Nike+ function of the iPhone (4 in my case)… Trying to sort it out, I found this article, which speaks about some of my problems and clearly states that it’s just not solvable by the user and would require a complete rework of the app…

Nike+ sensor - lower button side

One major problem that is not evoked in this blog post is the very bad handling of the playlists and special Nike+ mixes.

First of all, and this one is not a Nike+ - specific problem, since it occurs also with the iPod application : I have BOUGHT two (absolutely fucking great, by the way) Nike+ Original Run mixes from iTunes store. The file type is, obviously “Purchased AAC audio file” and while it worked perfectly on the first generation iPod nano, it is impossible to synchronize them to my iPhone 4.

If I create a playlist, the playlist is copied, but empty.

I had to create an Apple Lossless Version (my default format for CD importing) to be able to finally synchronize them to my iPhone 4 and thus be able to use them in Nike+, to run.

Create Apple Lossless Version

Now I can sync them. Unbelievable. This is so Microsoft feeling. Unworthy of Apple.

But even then, they are not recognized as Nike+ runnings, but only as regular music files and thus do no appear in the Nike+ app in the special section, nor as being used in the Nike+ web statistics.

And of course, there are all the bugs and whistles already widely evoked, such as the sometimes inability to resume a run once paused or the fact that for the CASSIUSPLAY Nike+ Original Run that is composed of a 45:36 mix and a 5:02 looped Stretching Track, the damn thing plays only the 5:02 track, which is absolutely driving me mad, when I run for about an hour and don’t want to reset my run once I’ve started it.

All these problems didn’t exist on the first gen iPod nano.

Let’s now talk about the hilarious (because it’s better to laugh than cry) associated website. All the problems of the website already existed back then, when I used the iPod nano. They only became worse and/or different with the evolutions recently brought to the website.

I won’t get into detailed problems about this fucking site, but…
• it’s slow as hell
• won’t allow me to use 1Password to avoid having to enter my password every time
• the “automatically send workout data to” setting only works if I hit the “Sync” button once I have plugged my iPhone
• it’s slow and buggy
• made in fucking Flash ! which is even more moronic, since it’s an Apple partnership
Come on. Flash. On an Apple-related website. Hello ? Do you realize it doesn’t work on iOS Safari ?
• it’s slow
• it’s buggy
• it’s slow
• it’s buggy
• the friend feature is bugged as hell : Z could find me, add me and see me on her page, but I can't find her, although she could add me and I agreed and thus it says I've added her but I can't see her stats, it's absolutely ridiculous
• and did I mention it's a fucking Flash site, slow and buggy ?


Too bad, because there are a lot of fun and nice ideas and features and it's very nice to be able to have one integrated system to track all the running stats. It would be really great if both the iPhone embedded app and the web site were not coded by lazy morons and it had been thoroughly tested.

Feels like a Zune+

There are so many complaining people on the Apple support site that I won’t even have to add my two (euro)cents.

I just don’t understand how or why this can go on like this. It’s just not acceptable, especially from a company like Apple and even worse when partnering with a company like Nike.

I’m really pissed off.

But I have to go running anyway.

Hmmm… not tonight. My stomach hurts.

Good music, bad dancing…

via Alban…

Hail Mary B.

First this woman is my hero and I’m appalled that she is hunted down and forced to apologize and say it was a joke, while it was, in fact, a nice and civil action.

Second, the people who install a surveillance camera for their trash can only be psychopaths. Which was already obvious, since they own and love a… cat. Well, “the sun” being the piece of shit it is, no wonder they turned this into such an epic adventure for the damn cat.

Premièrement, cette femme est mon héroïne et je suis atterré qu’elle soit ainsi traquée et obligée de présenter des excuses et dire que c’est une blague, alors que c’était un beau geste civique.

Deuxièmement, les gens qui installent une caméra pour surveiller leur poubelle ne peuvent être que des psychopathes. Ce qui était déjà clair, du fait que non seulement ils possèdent, mais en plus aiment un… chat.

Merci à Number One pour m’avoir signalé le comportement exemplaire de cette brave dame.

What if…

… video games were real?


Bon, ça me fait un deuxième t*** du c** d’insérer du code flash dans ce blog, mais apparemment, c’est le seul moyen pour partager une video qui semble n’être disponible que sur une page facebook… (merci à Imran pour le truc)

Vous pouvez aussi aller la voir à la source : Comment se faire élire ?.

allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="224">

Pour reprendre ses propres mots : casse toi, pauv’ con !

Give Earth a hand…

Give Earth a hand…

Fucking leeches…

And again…

Back online…

Back online…

Dermatophytose incarnée…

J’évoquais dans mon billet précédent le gouvernement français actuel et sa nocivité. Mais Number One m’a, à juste titre, corrigé sur le terme “vichyste” que j’employais à son encontre.

Le terme n’est en effet pas approprié, car sarko et ses amis n’ont même pas (plus) le respect de la famille qu’avaient pétain et ses acolytes. Même si eux l’instrumentalisaient, il avaient au moins une relative décence sur le sujet.

Ainsi, sarko et compagnie ne sont, finalement, que des émanations méphitiques du medef. Ce n’est même plus une idéologie politique nauséabonde qui sous-tend les actes de ces gens, mais juste des motivations purement vénales.

Et ça va jusqu’à, aujourd’hui, un discours et des actes que même le pen n’aurait pas osé tenir et accomplir.

La dernière prestation télévisée du duce français était d’ailleurs mise en scène dans un cadre et une dramaturgie dignes de benito. Et ce n’est pas un hasard, mais juste en totale cohérence avec la forme autant que le fond de la gouvernance actuelle du pays.

Un pays dont le gouvernant dit qu’on doit le respect à quelqu’un, juste parce que cette personne est riche. Et qui dit que les vrais ennemis du pays sont les mères de trois enfants ayant travaillé toute leur vie, qui bénéficient d’une retraite un peu améliorée… Je ne me sens même pas capable d’épiloguer sur ces divagations monstrueuses.

Il est temps de chercher où et comment fuir ce pays.


Je propose au gouvernement vichyste à la tête de la France en ce moment une alternative pertinente :

- soit déchoir de leur nationalité française sarko et tous ses amis ;
- soit déchoir de leur nationalité française tous les autres français, à commencer par moi.

Parce que, visiblement, que ces deux groupes aient la même nationalité est insupportable aux uns comme aux autres.

Merci de faire au plus vite, parce que j'ai honte, là. De plus en plus. À tel point que je ressens ce que ressentaient les ricains qui n’osaient pas se définir comme tels, à l'époque de bush.