A friend of mine just bought a wonderful Canon EOS 7D camera and can’t use it with Aperture 2 yet. Not because Aperture 2 would need an update (it still needs a major update, in my opinion, because it needs to gain more power and functions), but because it uses Mac OS X’s libraries to recognize various file formats, such as specific RAW formats used by various cameras. That’s because it’s handled by the system that you can preview everything right in the Finder. Handy.

Strangely, it seems Canon has slightly changed the RAW format they use on this new camera. Enough to prevent from using it right now.

And Apple still has not released an update for the latest image formats. It sucks. Big time. Shooting in JPEG is far less useful, if you need to make adjustments later, than RAW.

While looking for a release date for an update that would allow to handle Canon EOS 7D RAW format, I found this Q&A that I found quite hilarious in its concise.

Q : Does Aperture 2 upgrade version support Canon EOS 7D RAW?
Best Answer: nope

Does Aperture 2 upgrade version support Canon EOS 7D RAW?

Come on, Apple engineers, how hard and long can it be to release RAW format updates at the same time as new cameras? Don’t tell me that Canon doesn’t publish their data format long time in advance, to make sure their new models will be usable by photographers the day they are made available.

There is even a Photoshop plug-in that allows importing them. And Aperture 2 can’t handle that? I’m so disappointed.

Come on, update Mac OS X and, while you’re at it, release Aperture 3! The product review is from august 2008. It’s too old, for a software in this area, where things move fast. And Adobe too, for once.

We should all go to the Aperture feedback page at Apple’s and tell them we want support for the latest cameras file format, not months after, but right now.

And that we need to have an Aperture 3 that will blow us away and rip the bad thoughts of switching to Lightroom out of our brains, too.