Arch. f. mikr. Anat., Bonn, 1881-2, xx, 145-1.59, 1 pi.—

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The distance from the outer surface of the occipital

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promoter frankly admits that he knows little of the drug business,

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Houdini, aheady skeptical of Mina's abilities, called Bird's arti-

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the sixth week. Indian M. Gaz., Calcutta, 1884, xix, 290.—

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Eeport no. 3 is 4°. Reports nos. 1-6 bound in 1 v.

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lery. 4°. London, [I84(i], ii. ii". 4, 14 pp.. port.

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annu<illy, with subtitle: Pbariiiacologie et Societe de tbe-

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Case IV is a case in point. Little C (case reported be-

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girl so afflicted a year or so previous to onset of her attack.

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inch (5 mm). The surface of units in contact with mortar shall

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denic ulcer began to eat away the glans and an eruption appeared

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Send us ten dollars and have your name entered on the Roll

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immediately after retiring by commanding absolute silence in the chambers

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mum thickness intended for use. Assemblies tested shall

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c. Concrete in these locations that may be subject to freezing and thawing during construction shall be air-entrained concrete in accordance with Footnote d.

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extremity of the growth the marrow cavity is invaded

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in.Jlussia, and came to this country four years ago.

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monia was a very fatal disease and its mortality was

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Bepr.from: Nashville J. M. & S., 1895, Ixsviii.

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sclir , 1893, vi, 936. — Sallfrwliiic (T.I'.) Operation

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tion of kidneys, etc., but as far as the cystoscopy

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Veratrum, by H. C. Wood, Jr., reached high-water mark. Dr.

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do that) ; and once he has to supply the demand, it is much

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Information leading to arrest and conviction of ^any