in large doses. The following combination is efficient:

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places themi (without the benefit of ju ige or jury) on a level with the

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first stage, in the hope of ridding themselves of it, by simple

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Definition. — Beriberi is a food deficiency disease due to the absence

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after it has been absent for years, and its loss must therefore depend, at

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partisans of this hypothesis maintain that the free life of the para-

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value of lithotrity may be estimated, and I have endeavoured

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It was thus shown that the great sympathetic plays the part of a constrictor to the

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ureter and in a small portion of the pelvis. The ureter was

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vious register are not given, and I would like to inquire if any good reason is known or

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as pian. Continental authors generally use the term fram-

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the character of papiilitic atrophy (whitish discoloration, narrowing of the blood-

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port of their allegation. They relied alone upon the letters and

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manner, that he was free from the disease. June 10th,

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surfaces, maceration (juichly takes ])lace with the formation of irreg-

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not feel ill, unless a pain in her back after ; however, had this pain before

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home of Mrs. F. P. Moersch to carry on this project.

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from the patient's desire to avoid exposure; while the detention from

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question about the advisability. It is in the severe psy-

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ting and tearing instruments among the majority of opera^

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was cut and removed, the wound healed uneventfully. All the

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intended, he believed, to reduce inflammation and con-

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Dr. Alexander Monro. In the summer of the same year he entered

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and although sometimes cured, the chances are very much against

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Doctor Dessloch added that there might be a special

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typhus, typhoid, or eruptive fever ; others may be cases of relapsing fever,

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such as scarlet fever and typhus, the same process occurs. It occurs

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ponne • benebicite apenebon eapmon • majmpicat •

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"Ueber die Formaldehyddesinfektion nach Fliigge. Hyg.

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of motion. Sensation was normal in all reconstructed

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an aqueous solution of i32parts of phenol-potassium

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years ; of the highest and lowest range of the barometer extending

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careful attempts at cure in our patients, and repeat them so long

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the services of an Arab physician, Shaykh Abu'1-Wafa

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itself at the following periods after infection with syphilis: 13 cases occurred

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external washes and ointments. The results obtained with eczema

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