test gave only a negative result. The urine measured for
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connection with acute rheumatic attacks, one with ton-
dulness begins at the fifth interspace ; on the back it extends almost to the
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mation of the intervening connective tissue. An induration of the
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produce symptoms, the foot of the bed is raised, hot
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metastases; one case, which I saw myself, I am positive of.
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and his school, which constitute one of the best qualifications of
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may mention tluit several years ago I had under treatment a young
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attention was a'tracted to an article by Dr. 0. H. Smith
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The second type sometimes called "papillary cystic cancer"' is charac-
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an electric crane struck him over the spleen. This man was
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applying active friction or even stimulating embrocations to the
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monkey cord. No symptoms developed. May IS. Injected intracerebrally
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Dc. 15, 12.00 M. Slept better last night; demands more
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normal labour. Such questions as these are engaging the
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plegia in botli eyes ; history of au attack of paralysis of the
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insufficiency of the mitral valve, which now offers no point
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known commercially as cored carbons. Usually but one car-
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retained in the internal organs. With this restriction — no puncture
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continued use of small doses of the salts of lead. Nearly all of the experi-
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tice of Mr. Osborn, we cannot be persuaded that craniotomy in the pelvis
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servation of human life. In the great world movement for the
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fibres are found in the entire vegetable kingdom, in which the processes of secretion, excre-
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ha"vang been observed. As the medication, after all, must be
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cences to be true nevus. Two men with sarcoma cutis were
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and pushing into their place in front or ruck. AVe talk of
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whose temperatures are being taken should be watched
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psydracium, melitagra, . phlyctis, madarotes, phalacrotes and
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period of fever, yet we have more than once observed the fact
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several weeks. The i)atient finds his legs more and more heavy, especially
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apparently normal kidneys. It is a frequent and fluctuating condition
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tion. By Robley Dunglison, M. D., Professor of the Institutes of Medi-
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scalp four swellings were noticed, one on either side near the coronal
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shows the deficiency of mortuary returns, as we happen to know of
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thus without any movements of the patient or manipulation on our part